Impatient Infinity Scarf - a loom knit pattern


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I love knitting scarves on knitting boards. Those looms make a gorgeous double-knit fabric that is so toasty warm in the winter. However, I was looking for a pattern for a cute fall infinity scarf that was single-knit so I could wear it on the crisp days yet not swelter.

I came across a beautiful infinity scarf pattern online that looked exactly as I’d imagined the scarf in my mind. The pattern was for a regular knitter with needles, and I was sure I could make it on a loom without much problem. So I knitted. And I knitted. Three solid hours later and I had a 3” scarf! Holy cow, at that rate, I’d have my scarf finished by next summer! Now if you’re like me, most of my knitting is done when I have 20-30 minutes to kill. My knitting is done in spurts. It’s rare to have large chunks of time to sit and knit like I had the night of my 3” scarf. And heaven knows, I don’t have the patience to start an intricate pattern and then have to study to remember where I left off, regardless of the beautiful outcome. :-)

Quite some time ago, I stumbled across a video tutorial on how to make a “shortcut” garter stitch on a loom. I love how quickly the rows move along when doing this shortcut. And so I experimented and came up with what I’m calling my “Impatient Infinity Scarf.”

The scarf is knit as a single-knit flat panel on the round purple 48-peg adult sized hat loom by Knifty Knitter. The pegs on this loom are spaced a little closer than the regular round looms by Knifty Knitter. You could probably achieve the same gauge by knitting your scarf on a Knifty Knitter long loom as those pegs are closer together than the round looms. But in the grand scheme, gauge is not that important for this scarf. After the flat panel is finished, the ends are then stitched together to create the infinity scarf. The only stitches you need to know to knit this up are the e-wrap knit, u-knit (or flat knit), and the purl.

This scarf is fun and relatively easy to knit up. Plus, there is enough variation to keep me intrigued to the final stitch, but not so much that I have to have complete silence in order to knit without messing up. I also like the fact that the scarf has a subtle, but distinct texture difference from the front and the back. I like being able to wear it either side out, depending on the look I want.

I hope you enjoy seeing your speedy progress as much as I did mine.

This loom knit pattern is ready for download now as a PDF file.

---Please note this listing is for a pattern and not a finished product!---

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