Original Patterns for the Knitting Loom

Years ago, my children gave me a simple set of Knifty Knitter round looms for Christmas. I quickly fell in love with the ability to create beautiful items.

Through the years, I have loomed on just about every type of loom that is made and have enjoyed creating new items and new stitches. Most of my patterns assume the loomer has the basic knowledge of loom knitting....how to cast on and some basic stitches like the e-wrap and purl. But anything more complicated that that is fully explained in the pattern.

Comments like this from my customers mean the world to me: "Thank you. Your pattern was very easy to follow. I just learned how to loom knit this summer. This was my first attempt at cable knit and your instructions made it so so easy."

Here's what another customer told me: "I LOVE your pattern! It’s fun and fast and I’m knitting a few more in various weight yarns. :) I am doing a silver one in #6 that looks GREAT! Thank you for providing the pattern. :) I have 3 more on various looms at this point. :)"

This is exactly the type of enthusiasm and loom knitting success I was hoping to foster with my patterns. Loom knitting is just so much fun and so rewarding.

My hope is that your own creativity is sparked and that loom knitting becomes just as relaxing and engaging for you as it has for me!

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