Stitches eBook - 5 unique loom knit stitch patterns


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Over the years, I’ve tried to replicate various needle knit stitch patterns. This eBook contains five unique loom knit stitches and techniques that I’ve re-created through trial and error. I’ve have gotten many, many requests asking to compile an eBook with just the stitches. So here it is. :)

This eBook includes photo tutorials for each stitch pattern to demonstrate the techniques I developed.

Once you’ve mastered these stitches, you can create all sorts of projects. Feel free to experiment with different types of yarns and different gauges of looms. You can create many different looks just by varying those two things.

Stitch patterns include:
Long Diagonal Knot Stitch (not pictured due to Etsy limitations on number of pictures. See my pattern for "Larkspur Infinity Scarf" as an example of this stitch.)
Short Diagonal Knot Stitch
Indian Cross Stitch
Lattice Stitch
Rivulet Stitch

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